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Skin Deep, by Kory Bingaman, kicks off with Michelle starting college and trying to make friends. When she picks up and dons an ugly medallion she sees someone drop on the ground, she's catapulted into a world where mythical creatures, angels, and demons-- often disguised as humans-- live in and next to the "normal" world. Michelle finds that she's not only not human, but she's apparently the last of her race and someone is gunning for her. As she freaks out over falling deeper and deeper into freakyville, her new college friends (who are all apparently creatures of mythology) try to help her come to terms with who and what she is, and what she can do.

Bingaman dips into a large number of pantheons and mythologies, and Judeo Christian Angels rub shoulders with Native American trickster gods. Dropped as we are into the middle of things, it's very obvious that her characters existed before the story starts; they have personalities and history and motivations of their own that are larger than the existing story. The writing is very strong, the characters unique and interesting, and the art is not just good but improving as the comic continues.

Although the comic doesn't have that large an archive, the current storyline is a very good introduction to the world if you don't have time to devote to an involved archive crawl.

Date: 2009-06-07 12:41 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] kyabetsu
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Time or not, I'm very glad I did take the archive crawl. Excellent stuff! Thank you for the recommendation. I will continue to follow this one.


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