Humpday with stuff

Jun. 21st, 2017 09:34 pm[personal profile] anke
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I didn't go to bed early yesterday, but 10 PM is a decent time. Close to midnight isn't, when there's work the next day. I actually slept through the night until my alarm rang!

After work I got a bit of shopping done, mostly to get the bulky packet of toilet paper out of the way.
good deed of the day? I need to record this for myself, because I did something right )

uh, so yeah. Grocery shopping got done. I doodled a little, but less than I had planned, but I still have daily sketches for today and tomorrow, so I'll be able to juggle that.

have a treehopper! )

Then I remembered I hadn't touched writing all week yet, when I wanted to have something ready to post by Friday. I was not paralysed by nerves, and looked at the drafts I have, and found a complete or nearly complete one for the next chapter. Edited and added a little, So that will just need another once-over for typos and such, formatting and then can be posted.

I also unfollowed a few people on tumblr because I spend too much time there and not enough making stuff. And got an add-on that hides the bottom of long posts under a cut, and I added a few more terms to my blacklist - not because of phobias or other triggers, just because people I follow and don't want to unfollow sometimes make floods of posts about series or games I'm not interested in and yeah.

Oh, and I did the dishes.

ohgosh I'm tied. Tired. bedwards. G'night

Reading is hard...

Jun. 21st, 2017 11:56 am[personal profile] lea_hazel
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I've been book-blocked for months, now.

On Monday I broke that block by tearing through Seanan McGuire's Every Heart a Doorway like it was my damn job. I may have actually started reading it the evening before, I'm not sure. Regardless, I finished it on Monday night and felt that familiar hollow feeling of having finished reading a story before you were quite ready to let go.

I like her Toby Daye books a lot (I'm about five books in) but this one felt more personal. God knows I rarely feel myself connect with YA books, so it was quite unusual in that respect. I still have some thoughts to mull over but I will definitely review it eventually. Even though it's been nominated and won awards and probably everything's been said about it already.

Since my book-block has been magically cured, I'm figuring out what to read next to maintain momentum.

I had a technical difficulty with my phone app that required me to reset the account and set everything up again, but Kobo were actually quite helpful with the resulting mess.

FMK #15: LGBT& Content

Jun. 20th, 2017 11:03 pm[personal profile] melannen
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Last week's F winner was Journey to the Center of the Earth! K was Malevil, which means another giant tome I no longer have to shelve, yay.

I am still behind on reviewing stuff because I had Six Wakes and All Systems Red and A Close and Common Orbit all in at the library, plus All The Sedoretu, and sometimes you just have to priortize?

But in honor of the Tiptree anthology I picked up for the sedoretu story in it (and Pride), this week's theme is LGBT& content! (Most of these are Tiptree or Gaylactic Spectrum finalists, in fact.)
How FMK works, short version: I am trying to clear out my unreads. So there is a poll, in which you get to pick F, M, or K. F means I should spend a night of wild passion with the book ASAP, and then decide whether to keep it or not. M means I should continue to commit to a long-term relationship of sharing my bedroom with it. K means it should go away immediately. Anyone can vote, you don't have to actually know anything about the books.

I pick a winner on Friday night (although won't actually close the poll, people can still vote,) and report results/ post the new poll on the following Tuesday, and write a response to the F winner sometime in the next week.

Link to long version of explanation (on first poll)

Poll! Bear, Chabon, Doran, Gerrold, Lackey, Monette, Orlando & Rebelka, Scott, St. Clair )
st_aurafina: Root's face, words "Inside that storm behind your eyes" (POI: Root Storm)
Title: Baby, You're My Flame
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 709
Characters/Pairings: Root/Shaw
Warnings/Content: Sick fic
Notes: For [community profile] 15kisses, Prompt: Endure. Part 3 of Fever (Part One: Getting Warmer, Part Two: What a Lovely Way to Burn)

Summary: Root is convalescing. She's just not very good at it.

Also at the Archive

Root was tired of being sick )

more sedoretu

Jun. 20th, 2017 07:02 pm[personal profile] melannen
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So instead of an FMK review this week you get more talking about sedoretu (not the moiety post yet, that's coming. Probably.)

The opinions on the poll about bookmarking were interestingly split - pretty consistently 2-1 in favor of bookmarking, but the anti-bookmarking people seem to feel more strongly about it. I guess the only solution is for more people to start adding stuff to that collection so mine don't stand out as much!

I also finally read Another Story, or, a Fisherman of the Inland Sea, which is the first and longest of Le Guin's O stories. Or possibly I had already read it and then blocked it out. I am... not sure how I feel about it? It is definitely the most SF-based of them, with quantum physics and interplanetary travel and so on (and probably the most useful for people who want to think about sedoretu in the context of a much larger and more cosmopolitan society than we see in either "Mountain Ways" or "Unchosen Love".)

blehhhhh )

Anyway, I still really really like the worldbuilding!

I have managed to narrow it down to ten prompts in the Sedoretu fest that I probably *could* write. (As opposed to the ones I most want to see written, which includes many that I am definitely not the person to write.) They all have pros and cons, which I shall now ramble about here:

Discworld, HP, Sagas, O, LM, Nimona, SW:TFA, Barrayar )

...this is weirdly stressful compared to a prompt meme community where I can just blather on in comments without committing to anything until somebody else either writes the thing or I know exactly what I am doing

Yet Moar about houses

Jun. 20th, 2017 09:24 am[personal profile] darthneko
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Ok! The house saga continues!!

In the last installment I was fed up with the runaround on the private sale by owner of the house we're currently in. So I contacted a realtor and we started looking around. TDLR - I'm writing a small novel wall of text about everything that happened this weekend. )
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Thursday was an ass-early day -- got up at 3am to get Angie down to Philly for her flight to Minneapolis and 4th Street Fantasy. WHEE I'm just so glad I got us an EZPass transponder so I didn't have to deal with humans that early. And it turned out her flight was delayed by like well over an hour and a half. Argh. Her boy retrieved her late Sunday night after her return flight was CANCELLED and she had to rebook on another airline so she could make it home in time for work on Monday. Protip: NEVER FLY SPIRIT, THEY SUCK. Anyway, I was grateful for Angie's boy for doing that, and she was pleasantly surprised to see him instead of me. (She called us both jerks XD)

While she was away, I got stuff done! Besides watering plants and petting cats, I wrote tags and tidied a bit around the house, mostly swept the kitchen floor clear of cat detritus and did the dishes. Angie's boy came over and pounded on the weeds in the stones of the patio, too, along with other yard puttering things. And I was going to start on another scroll blank, but it was too warm and sticky in the house. Oh well, I can do that this week.

Currently at Bethlehem, PA at 10.09am: Mostly cloudy
Temp: 84F (feels like 88F)
Humidity: 63% (dewpoint 70F)
Pressure: 29.81"
Winds: SSW 13mph
Forecast: Mostly cloudy, thunderstorms, high 83F, low 65F

GOOD LORD IT WAS HOT LAST WEEK at least the early part of it. We saw highs well into the 90s and humid, with heat indices close to 100F! It moderated back down toward the end of the week, and we closed it out with nice 70s and and not-so-nice 80s on the weekend (it was humid too, which made everything sticky and gross). This week is going to be warm and humid again, with highs in the 80s. So pretty awful. Typical summer in the Northeast.

On My Plate:
Tags and Other Writins:
  • Where The Gods Live (Three Wishes)
  • From One Trickster to Another (ItNotM) x1
  • Some Light Research (ItNotM)
  • Welcome Home (ItNotM)
  • Putting The Band Together (ItNotM)
  • Shipping and Receiving (ItNotM)
  • My Favorite Punching Bag (ItNotM)
  • A Bird in the Paw (ItNotM)
  • continue with scribalry practice
  • reading: A New History of the Picts (still -- I haven't picked it up in awhile XD)
  • reading: Parsival, or A Knight's Tale
Weekly Things Checklist:
  • Thing Arted: nothing
  • Thing Writed: OMG TAGS
  • Thing Cleaned: dishes and trash and catbox and watered plants and swept kitchen
This week is prep and departure for the Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in Knoxville TN on the weekend! I need to pack up my scribal gear and my garb (since it's an in-garb event) and sew a new dress and figure out when we're heading down (I'm carpooling with Plunder and Mike, as far as I know). Whee, busy week!
st_aurafina: Root's face, words "Inside that storm behind your eyes" (POI: Root Storm)
Title: What a Lovely Way to Burn
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Root/Shaw
Warnings/Content: Sick fic, show-level injuries, Shaw has no bedside manner
Notes: Part Two of Fever (Follows Part One, Getting Warmer)

Summary: Shaw's bedside manner is a little brusque but Root wouldn't have any other doctor.

Also at the Archive

Root wanders a New York dreamscape with leaden legs )

Six lots of five

Jun. 17th, 2017 01:53 pm[personal profile] st_aurafina
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So cold this morning. For values of cold in Australia, which is to say there's frost on the grass and I have my giant scarf on. I am having crappy, crappy low moods but weirdly and ferociously creative times. It is strange and I don't understand the rhythms of it at all. I feel like the world is being sucked into a black hole, and yet I cannot stop writing POI fic.

Five things about winter Saturdays in rural Australia:
- Frosty, foggy mornings that will become clear and sunny by twelve
- The footy scoreboard shining orange through the fog as the under-twelves play the 8am match
- Teenage girls in netball skirts with goosepimpled legs, poor things
- People leaving their shoes at the front door so they don't track mud through the pharmacy
- Farmers all hollow-eyed from helping calves into the world, eating hot pies for breakfast

I want to say some things about media I've been enjoying but I keep procrastinating because I don't have the time to write long and involved things. So, here are some short thinkings on things:

Five things about Wonder Woman
Not very spoilery but I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's joy )

Five things about Legion
Not too spoilery. Defs not addressing the big spoilers, anyway. )

Five things about Twin Peaks
I have seen episode five, so assume spoilers for up to there )

Five Things to Do
- Via [personal profile] leecetheartist, a zooniverse project based in Western Australia: Western Shield Camera Watch. Their description: Western Shield is a government funded conservation project that is dedicated to managing introduced predators, primarily foxes and cats, that threaten native wildlife in Western Australia.
This is a very gentle and calming kind of thing to do, I enjoy it a lot. You get to identify kangaroos and emus and all sorts of weird little hopping things. You could also identify this murderous looking bird:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
[A giant, yellow eyed bird, going at the lens of a camera with an angry beak]

- [personal profile] anandrine is talking about communities on Dreamwidth: active comms, comms you'd like to see become more active. let's talk communities

- read this Beatles zombie AU webcomic: Eleanor Rigby
(when i was very small i assumed this song was about some lady who literally kept a human face in a jar by the door and since father mckenzie buried her that meant that he also killed her and basically i thought eleanor rigby was about zombies until i was like 12 years old)

- Check out this new prompt comm, [community profile] picture_prompt_fun, write a story for a picture prompt.

- sign-up for [community profile] multifandomdrabble, and write someone 100 words. I did this last year, when it was being trialled at Imzy, and it was fun! More details here.

Five Linkspams to make your day a little better
- This woman's joyful reaction at a woman proposing to her girlfriend at a museum: No One Can Get Over This Older Lady's Reaction To A Woman Proposing To Her Girlfriend (This gave me life at a time when I was feeling very bitter at yet another friend's marriage where they did not do anything about the hateful 'Man and woman' clause of the marriage act that must be read out at a wedding in Australia. Like this: Objectors block out Marriage Act's 'union of man and woman' words at civil weddings.)

- The Grenfell Tower fire is a horrible, terrifying tragedy. I am buoyed by the stories of how people have helped, how emergency workers have been amazing. (Like Mr Rogers: "When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words, and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers — so many caring people in this world.) Today in my email, I saw this about pharmacists dealing with the logistics of people losing all their medication and prescriptions and records: Pharmacists in West London have been working to help people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

- Remember Tommy Westphall and the snowglobe phenomenon? Check in with it again here: The Tommy Westphall Universe. Apparently reboots have really kicked the database into overdrive this year. I saw a pack of Morley cigarettes on Twin Peaks, which means the Twin Peaks verse doesn't exist. No surprises there, though.

- Knitting spies!! The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool

- From some of my Person of Interest research: The 10 Best Bottles of Vodka in the World. Linked because the tasting notes are even more amazing and wanky than wine tasting notes. For example: Soft and laser-precise on the palate with a seamless balance and great length of flavor.

Now I want vodka. But it is illegal for me to drink vodka and be a health professional. So cruel.

Son of ETA: As people have asked, yes, I am legally forbidden to drink vodka only while I am at work being a health professional. After work, I may freely engage in the drinking of vodka, and indeed, many other spirits.

Another tumblr meme!

Jun. 17th, 2017 11:27 am[personal profile] alias_sqbr
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Tagged by [personal profile] anghraine. I am amused that the format make it seem like the meme is self consciously stuttering.
Read more... )

(no subject)

Jun. 16th, 2017 02:12 pm[personal profile] melannen
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You can still add prompts to the Sedoretu fic fest! Well, I can't, because I might have hit the prompting limit already, but you can!

If you're new here and have never heard of Sedoretu, it's a concept from stories by Ursula le Guin set on the planet O. Marriages there are four people: two men and two women; with four sexual relationships: two m/f, one m/m, and one f/f; and two non-sexual ships, the other m/f pairs. (There is more to it than that in canon, but that's what makes it really fun to play with as a fandom poly AU concept.)

There are currently 132 prompts in 75 fandoms for the fest, plus several for "any fandom"/"original work", so there is probably at least something you know, and if not you should add it. (Or 137 fandoms if you count all of the Old Norse sagas as their own fandoms, and can I say that I feel like the fact that Old Norse Sagas are the now third most popular fandom in the fest is a dagger aimed directly at me? It's not my fault that Njal's Saga is basically set on O already! I was only trying to taunt the mod a little bit!)

(In other news, we watched the documentary Hvellir last night, about people trying to stop dams on the Laxá,and it is very good, and quotes Njal's Saga, and also only in Iceland would a bunch of protesters trying to destroy a dam just go grab the dynamite that the dam developers had left in small unattended caches all over the protesters' land. And not consider this a particularly noteworthy part of the story.)

So I keep wanting to kudos prompts and accidentally almost claiming them, argh, I wish there was a way to feedback prompts without having to go on and write the darn things. :/ Unfortunately, writing any of the many ones I really want to read would require a ton of canon review that I don't want to commit to. (Although, tbf, anything other than "one of my recent fmk reads" would require a ton of canon review at this point...) Let's face it I will probably just end up writing for Gisli's Saga since at least it's relatively short (and also basically set on O already, fair.)

(I feel like there is probably a reason Le Guin decided to set her stories about four-person marriages and complicated kin relationships among sheep farmers and fishermen in decentralized farmsteads on marginal land.)

(although I want to make the post about the real life basis of moiety a separate post.)

So instead of reviewing canon I have just been reading all the sedoretu stories in fandoms I am at least somewhat interested in. And I have been rec-bookmarking a lot of them to the sedoretu collection linked to the fest. But I am running up against the fact that some of them... are not the quality that I would normally put my rec-heart on, even by my relatively lax standards. So here is a poll for the room: if somebody is going through and bookmarking all of the stories on ::theme:: to a collection,

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 27

Is it better (by whatever definition of 'better') to:

View Answers

Bookmark the less-good ones to the collection but as Not A Rec
18 (66.7%)

Don't bookmark them at all
9 (33.3%)


Jun. 16th, 2017 11:30 am[personal profile] darthneko
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So, apparently we've had a lot of virus and hacking problems recently, and your response to that is to install security software that pops up and demands an explanation when people do things that might endanger the company servers.

Things like, for instance:
1) Opening a new tab in an internet browser (chrome, firefox, AND safari!)
2) The Google search engine library
3) Adobe Software AUTO UPDATES

ARE WE SEEING A PROBLEM HERE? MAYBE? *pries fingers off capslock* *banging head against desk* we've already complained to IT multiple times since yesterday, the order is apparently coming from higher than them, they're just forced to implement it. But OMG, jfc, either configure the gatekeeping software right or stop slapping it on without considering what it's going to interfere with! I am so fucking tired of this pop up window already.


Jun. 16th, 2017 10:13 am[personal profile] darthneko
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I'm probably going to hate myself for talking on tumblr, but fuck it.

(On a tangent to that, where it conflates with issues in fandom, the ageist shit is starting to really irk me. I am not magically some Entirely Different Species after some arbitrary age. I like the same stuff I did when I was thirty, and twenty, and yes, even sixteen. Being over 40 doesn't make me some stereotype to be feared, laughed at, mocked, etc - it makes me the same person I've always been with more life experience. GO FIGURE.)
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

The latest in the house saga

Jun. 15th, 2017 09:47 am[personal profile] darthneko
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Had a call from the house owner on tuesday evening, wherein she assured me that she had researched all angles on her end, the county safety zoning etc assured her that the downstairs is up to code, and *I* needed to go back to the assessor and contest the assessment because it's in my name.

I nearly snarled at her. I didn't, but I was biting my tongue. Why the hell is it MY job to make HER house assess for what she wants to sell it at?

So I dutifully went back to the assessor, who hadn't replied to my previous inquiries, repeating the query for clarification but being a bit snippier about it because they'd blown me off for the last week. Got a prompt repeat of the first answer - I need written permission from the bank to talk to them. No, I tell them, as I told them before, I spoke to the bank and they said I didn't need written permission because I am no longer working with that bank and *I* am the one listed on that assessment and who paid for the fucking thing.

FINALLY got a call from the actual assessor, who told me that no, the bank is wrong, he is not allowed to discuss details with me by law without that written permission. I don't honestly care who's confused or lying at this point (though obviously SOMEONE is), I'm just pissed off and frustrated. Remained professional on the phone to him, however, and DID manage to get him to say this - if there is ANY earth mounded up against the side of the house, it HAS to be zoned as a basement, according to Fannie Mae rules. So the county/state/safety/tax zoning means NOTHING - it's down to the rules set by the biggest loaner that all the banks go through, and that's that, period, end of story. No bank or assessor is going to come up with any different answer, because the ground floor is set between 12"-18" into the earth on three sides.

THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING THE OWNERS but omg they just refuse to hear it. It must be something else. It must be the assessor's fault, he must be incompetent, blah blah blah. NO, IT'S THE RULE OF THE FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION.

I texted that back to the owners. Have yet to hear from them.

In the meantime, had a long talk with the wife, and yesterday, being still angry and frustrated and fed up with the whole thing, I went onto and found a nice house just down the road a bit. Smaller listed square footage, but it has a basement and I bet that's not being included in the footage count. Also, storage attic. 1 acre, not 2, but really, that's just less grass to mow. Deck, HUGE kitchen (room for an island and 2 baking racks in the pictures, plus separate stovetop/oven which I've always wanted an oven set up in the wall so I don't have to practically climb into it to get pans in and out). Above ground pool in the back, which I'm betting has a pad under it and hopefully power run out to it, and could be converted to a hot tub instead.

Put my info in on Zillow, and within an hour I was talking to a local lender who's just down the way from our grocery store, who assured me I could call him day or night, or weekends, he will always answer. Then the realtor called me and he and the lender have worked together for years, always try to get the sellers to pay closing costs, and now I'm pre-approved for $189k on a USDA loan and we have an appointment early saturday morning to go look at the house, and then I'll ask if they have any other properties in the area they can recommend that maybe aren't listed on Zillow.

I am LOLing because when I told the new lender that I'd been struggling with buying the house we're in right now, and how it was a private sale, he was just "ooooooh, the horror stories I could tell you.... every time I see a 'for sale by owner' sign it's because they're too cheap to hire a realtor and they want more for the house than it can be assessed at." DINGDINGDING - YES, thank you, that's precisely it. The owners should have had the assessment done before they offered to sell it to me. They could have gotten all their answers directly from the assessor THEN. And we've repeatedly suggested they might want to hire a realtor, but it's like it goes in one ear and out the other, they don't even acknowledge it.

I'm a little sad, because we really like the house we're in, but this runaround is getting old and I'm not going through round three just for the same damned answers. I've spent enough on bank fees and assessors and inspections already, and gotten nowhere. Time to start looking elsewhere because we don't want to rent, we want somewhere that's OURS.

(And now my biggest concern, in the event of moving, is how to take apart the 6'x6' Ikea Kallax shelf that holds all the books. Fortunately it's all screw and peg construction, so I think just remove screws and tap it apart? Eeek.)
st_aurafina: Shaw's face, caption: you beat the devil's tattoo (POI: Shaw devil's tattoo)
Title: Getting Warmer
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: Teen
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Root/Shaw
Warnings/Content: Show-level injury
Notes: Written for [community profile] 100words Prompt #46: Fever

Summary: The Machine is trying to make a connection but Root is too far gone.

Also at the Archive

Shaw cradles the receiver and fishes for a pen )

Cam has a job!

Jun. 14th, 2017 05:27 pm[personal profile] alias_sqbr
alias_sqbr: A stick figure doing cartwheels saying "Yay" (yay!)
Still working from home as a software engineer, but for an Aussie company this time.

Life of a Chronic Flake

Jun. 14th, 2017 11:41 am[personal profile] lea_hazel
lea_hazel: Neuron cell (Science: Brains)
About six years ago, I spent six or seven months writing an "epic" multi-chapter fanfic anonymously on an LJ prompt meme. I was sunk so deep into it. I was obsessed with it. I was madly in love with it.

I never finished it.

I was writing other stories in the same fandom at the time, the fandom that ate my life (another recurring story for me). I got caught up in other things so that thinking about updating the story had me unbelievably anxious. I spent a long time after (what turned out to be) my final update scheming and guilting myself about how I would eventually finish it. Some time after I ghosted on the fandom altogether, I spent a fair amount of time telling myself that I would clean up what existed of it and post it to my AO3 with a final note saying I was out of the fandom and it would never be complete.

Today yesterday I was going through some outlining guides for writers and trying to take notes about how my different stories fit into the mold or don't. Part of my ongoing attempt to create some sort of writing style for myself that I can apply reliably to writing long-form. I was going to note this fic for its planned resolution (which I never reached, but still had an outline for), and I realized I had completely forgotten its name. For a while I had kept the document I was writing it in on-hand, and in my Dropbox, but my desktop of the time died and the doc is now buried somewhere in my backup drive.

I did finally locate it and add that note. And that fic is still to this day one of my most successful attempts at longfic. Which is rather tragic I suppose. Since then I've ghosted on at least two more major fandoms. And I have made peace with my tendency to leave stories unfinished, although I still try hard not to let it happen.

FMK #14: SF in Translation

Jun. 13th, 2017 06:29 pm[personal profile] melannen
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Hi all! I am back. I did not get my birthday candle wish of having a different president when I got back to the USA, but at least Theresa May is in deep hot water now, so I guess you all did what you could.

The FMK #13 winner is Discount Armageddon, pulling ahead at the last minute in a very close race! The loser was Pawn of Prophecy, in a not-very-close race, although Man-Kzin Wars put up a good fight.

I brought Rocket Ship Galileo and Tarnsman of Gor with me on the trip as two K winners that I couldn't bear dumping without Having Read. I... am about 30% through Tarnsman of Gor; so far it is not bad enough to make me hate-read it or throw it at the wall, but also not particularly compelling a read. I still want to Have Read it though, I think.

Rocket Ship Galileo is going to be K for Keep, I am afraid. I tried! But Jews vs. Moon Nazis! )

Anyway, in honor of my international travel, today's theme is SF In Translation.

How FMK works, short version: I am trying to clear out my unreads. So there is a poll, in which you get to pick F, M, or K. F means I should spend a night of wild passion with the book ASAP, and then decide whether to keep it or not. M means I should continue to commit to a long-term relationship of sharing my bedroom with it. K means it should go away immediately. Anyone can vote, you don't have to actually know anything about the books.

I pick a winner on Friday night (although won't actually close the poll, people can still vote,) and report results/ post the new poll on the following Tuesday, and write a response to the F winner sometime in the next week.

Link to long version of explanation (on first poll)

Poll: Allende, Chang, Chessex, Enjoe, Gakov, Hugo, Lem, Merle, Nomura, Ogawa, Strugatsky, Verne )
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