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Paranatural, by Zack Morrison, is a kids' comic about a group of twelve year olds who live in a town thick with monsters, ghosts, and other creatures. Some of the kids, and adults, can see ghosts and have special abilities and tools which they can use to fight the ghosts.

Max is the POV character, a new comer to the town and school. As an outsider, everything is as new to him as it is to the readers, and explanations are less info-dump-y than they might otherwise be. It's a gripping comic mixing adventure/fighting and mystery. The art is pretty slick and the color is well done. The character design is good with different characters having different silhouettes and their personalities coming across through their clothing/hair styles. The ghost/monster design is also excellent and very creepy. The dialogue is snappy. Morrison is doing a great job of setting up big whacks of mystery and hidden worlds and revealing little bits and pieces of them, leaving the reader wanting more. Heck, the characters want to know more, too, but the child protagonists have a hard time getting the truth out of the knowledgeable adults around them. And, of course, they're still dealing with school work and teachers and other students (including bullies) and finding their place in the social order.

It's a good comic and a fast read. If you haven't read it before you'll get up to speed pretty quickly.

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I clicked on the link out of curiosity and was hooked by the fifth page, I think. This is such a fun, excellent comic! Thank you for recommending it.


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