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I bring comic kickstarters to you, each for a comic that I enjoy! Each one is already fully funded, and ready for you getting swag from it, even if it's just a nice digital version of the comic. And even if you don't want to get anything, maybe it will bring you some new reading. Every single one of these comics is Bechdel friendly, containing multiple strong lead female characters interacting with each other, if that is something that floats your boat.

Ava's Demon -- Kickstarter (not quite two days left)

I actually found out about Ava's Demon from its Kickstarter and devoured it as fast as possible. The art is color rich and luminous--simply fantastic. The pace is good, the science fiction setting interesting, the characters distinct.

If it reaches $200k, then updates go to twice a week--and at the time of me writing, it's at $184k.

Digger -- Kickstarter (13 days left)

Digger, by Ursula Vernon, is a fantasy graphic novel posted online and complete. This Kickstarter is for printing an omnibus edition that contains the entire novel. The art is a well executive black and white reminiscent of block cut art. I find the main character quite charming and love the world.

Vattu -- Kickstarter (10 days left)

Vattu is by Evan Dahm, who is also the author of Rice Boy (and in the upcoming Sleep of Reason anthology). The art is expressive, the world complex, the narrative multi-layered.
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I know, I posted about this already. I hope it's okay to repost. I don't plan on spamming these communities. I just wanted to try asking one more time. There are some updates and stuff.

The Goblins Card Game Kickstarter is going along very nicely. Already triple funded. I hear they're considering adding some new rewards (digital goodies and stuff for even the lower tiers), but we'll have to see how that goes.

Here's the thing: If they can hit 4000 backers, they'll send Thunt, the author of Goblins, to NY ComicCon. Thunt is a very cool guy. I'm lucky to be able to call him a friend. But he lives all the way up near Vancouver, 3000 miles away. I don't get to see him often. (Disabilities + Internet = awesome friends around the globe + very little chance to hang out with any of them in person.) If you can help the project hit 4000 backers (by chipping in even just a dollar or two, and maybe asking friends who can spare it to do the same), you'll be doing me a personal favor.

I should also mention that the game, which looks like a lot of fun, is explained better now. There's a new video on the Kickstarter page, under "description of gameplay." Evertide Games is still fairly new at this Kickstarter thing, but they're listening to the fans and responding. And they've clearly put a lot of love and meticulous care into the game. Not just in keeping it true to the comic, but in striving to create a game that will be so fun to play on its own merits that it will be able to draw in new fans and readers.

So check it out. If you haven't already, give Goblins Comic a look. It's an engaging story with a wide cast of developed characters and a good blend of humor, action, drama, and strong character moments.
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Two of my all-time favorite webcomics are running Kickstarter campaigns.

First up, Girl Genius.

The Girl Genius Kickstarter ends this week. It's blown through two batches of stretch goals and is steaming ahead to the final one. Pledge now, and you'll receive PDFs of the entire run, including plenty of bonus content. If you've never read the comic, I guarantee it's worth it. If you have read the comic, it's a great way to reread, refresh your memory, and relive the awesomeness.

They're at about $284k now. If they can hit $300k, they'll be able to hire someone to help manage the business. Which means expanding into new territory. Which means even more Girl Genius awesomeness making the world more awesome with the power of its awesome. I really want to see that happen. Because it would be awesome.

Meanwhile, Goblins has hit some snags lately. They had to part with their publisher/webhost and it got kind of messy for a while there. But Thunt, being a better man than I (which I do not say often or lightly), has refused to badmouth the other side, has publicly apologized for his part of the stressful and difficult situation, and has called for his fans to stay positive.

The Goblins/Evertide Games Kickstarter, which was delayed due to the whole kerfuffle, starts Monday. It's for a card game based on the comic. And it looks really cool. So keep an eye out for that.

Evil Inc. my other favorite webcomic, is not currently running a Kickstarter, as far as I know. But it's still well worth checking out.

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Hey, webcomics community! Let's talk about lesser known webcomics, ones that are relatively recent but have already established themselves as quality. By "lesser known" I mean not one of the usual suspects one sees when reccing webcomics... PvP, QC, Hark! A Vagrant, Octopus Pie, Penny Arcade, Something Positive, and other ones that are awesome and we love but are pretty popular. Bonus points if they are feminist or deal with characters who are not white able bodied heterosexual males.

Riot Nrrd Comics is one of my newest faves, and my heart skips a beat every time a new one goes up. The art is a little young, but the writing-- and especially the characters-- are very, very strong and more than make up for the art, which looks like it's going to improve.

Depending on your social circle, either every single person you know reads PhD Comics or else nobody's ever heard of it. It's a bit of a niche comic, albeit a very well established and long running one, about academia and the pursuit of a fancy, expensive, piece of paper. Also: the nature of humanity.

Unshelved is another all or nothing comic, with this one's milieu being not academia but the closely related world of public libraries. As a special bonus, they do book reviews as well. Dreamy!

Darryl Cunningham, on livejournal, has published several extremely popular comics about controversial subjects-- vaccines, the moon landing "hoax," psychiatric care. While certain of his work has garnered a lot of attention, not all of it has. Check out the rest.

Kagerou, by Luka Delaney, is one that I've fallen behind on. It's got a big archive, and it's really fun to go back and look at the starting art and what Luka is creating now.

I first ran into Ugly Girl a few years ago. It's an intimate look at high schoolers dealing with personal relationships and general life stuff, and it's really compelling. Giving the characters labels instead of names (spaz, fat girl, ugly girl, etc) is an interesting choice that says a lot about the society they (and we) live in.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Skin Deep before, a beautifully illustrated, colored, and written comic about mythological creatures and their world.

What are some of your go-to lesser-known webcomics recs?


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