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Bunches of you probably read Family Man already, but if not, I've just written a rec for it over at my journal. The first book (containing the first two chapters) is coming out soon and she's taking pre-orders now! *fangirl glee*
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The Windup Comic Fest is a one-day sequential art event, held twice a year in Baltimore at The Windup Space. Indie comic book artists and comic book stores set up shop for an afternoon of comic awesomeness.

There is no cover charge. The Windup Comics Fest is an all-ages event. Alcohol is available for guests 21 and older. Parking is on-street, or in one of two nearby garages.

MAY 22, 2010. 2pm - 7pm. 12 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

P.S. Vendor Space still Available. Check the website for details.
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Date: Tomorrow! December 12, 2009
Time: Noon - 6pm
Location: The Lustine Center - 5710 Baltimore Ave, Hyattsville, MD, 20781

What: Gallery Shows by DC artists. 4 Live bands. Holiday Crafts Festival. DC area Comics, webcomics, and Graphic Novelists.

Click the picture above to see the official press release.

Of course, Interrobang Studios and I will be there, but also a host of other folks from a local indie comics group called the "DC Conspiracy." If you're local, you should come out and see the sights!
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This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Interrobang Studios (that's me and Kevin ;) will be in some of y'all's backyard at AnimeUSA in Crystal City, Virginia. You can find us here:

Hope I get a chance to meet some of you!

I know that Mr. D. Tiede of Paradigm Shift is going to be a guest at AnimeUSA. I got linked to that website through a recommendation here. Thanks guys! Y'all have great taste, I look forward to meeting him. :)

Other cool news: I got interviewed at Big Apple Comic Con by U Frag TV. Starting at minute 25, I'm on right after Lou Ferrigno. Damn, son! (I would have embedded it, but it auto-plays. Yuck.)

I've been interviewed by other folks from cons before, but UFragTV's the first to post the interview.

If I sound a little quavery and like I'm the daughter of the old MicroMachines guy it's cause they were doing the interview LIVE and I was told that I might get bumped at any moment for William Shatner. *nerd-gasm*
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Visit Interrobang Studios at the Big Apple Comic Con! Here's the Floor Map. )

Kevin and I are road-tripping to NYC tomorrow where we will stay with a friend in Brooklyn and live at our con table for 3 days. Check out the crazy hours on this con!

Friday, October 16, 2009 - 12pm - 8pm,
9pm - 12am Night Events
Saturday, October 17, 2009 - 10am - 7pm,
8pm - 12am Night Events
Sunday, October 18, 2009 - 10am - 5pm

That's 24 hours of convention! I'm gonna take some thick towels to fold and lay down just behind the table so that my feet don't fall off by day three. It's always best to stand, but that concrete is KILLER.

SOOO excited! *DANCING!*

Oh and this is the last time I do Chu-Chu Rocket for our table-map. Promise. We're just on a super-time crunch between these two cons. I'm gonna ask Kevin to help me make some graphics for so that I can build maps with OUR characters from here on out.

Wish us luck, and if you're local, come see us!

P.S. Ursula V's "Digger" was an AWESOME rec! I'm hooked! :D Thank you!
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"A wombat. A dead god. A very peculiar epic."

Digger by Ursula Vernon is a story-driven comic (I mean, as opposed to a gag-strip) that has been going for quite a while at a rate of two pages per week.

The main character, Digger, is a wombat, who apparently by nature are very sensible. She finds herself far from home, where things seem a lot weirder...

I'm afraid I'm not very good at summing up things. What I like about this comic:
  • The simple but effective art.
  • The humour, which hinges on "oddity", which however usually are part of the story, rather than degenerating to pointless gimmicks.
  • The feeling of a larger world Ursula Vernon creates by making references to the made-up peoples' mythologies part of the story
  • The fact that Digger is sensible and pragmatic.
My favourite webcomic. Make sure to have some spare time if you delve into the archives, it's over 600 pages.
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Is anyone planning on going to Baltimore Comic Con?

Interrobang Studio Appearance Under Cut. Two Large Graphics. )

We're booking an increasing number of cons and learning more and more each time we do them.

I spoke to the mod here once and she had wonderful recommendations for webcomics to read, but I have to wonder, are there other folks still following this community? Do you write or draw comics? Or are you an avid reader? If you write or draw, is it a hobby? Or are there other folks trying to do it professionally here in the community?

Heck, I'm the only person posting updates, and I don't want to be obnoxious. Would y'all like me to STOP?
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SPX 2009 is in Bethesda, MD on Sept 26 & 27

Who else is going?

Also, my fiance & primary artist for our fledgling comics studio, Kevin Bolk, has submitted a t-shirt design to threadless.com.

Threadless only prints t-shirts (and pays life-sustaining $$$) for designs that pass their 7 day scoring. If you'd like to see this shirt on the street or in your closet--or perhaps you'd like to do a good deed for the day--please vote for this shirt:

Vegetarian Zombie - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

It will ask you to sign up for a free threadless account so it can track your votes, but I'm hoping (pleading?) that one teensy activation email wouldn't stand between you and a good deed. A really good deed. A feeding-our-tiny-family-style good deed. This is where I line up my four cats and cue Sally Struthers.

...fer real. An email & a vote, please. I've not found a new job yet. We need this.

And in case that's not selfish enough? If you really like the shirt? Post the vote link on your websites, forums, journals, & blogs. After you vote, there'll be an embeddable code generated on the right-hand side of the page near the bottom.

We can has a viral?

(Regardless of your voting/posting, thank you for reading! Hope we see you at the con. :D)
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WE'RE GOING TO OTAKON 2009! This Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, June 17-19, Interrobang Studios will be in Baltimore!

We got table space in the artist alley after all! There was this huge waiting list and we had a snowball's chance--but then we got a BENEFACTORESS! 2x2x2 invited us to share her table space in the Otakon artist alley!

Swing by her webpages and check out her awesome stuff!

Did any of y'all have plans to attend? Will we get to meet you?
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I'm sorry for the double-post, but convention season is upon us. Who's attending which ones? Either as artists or as con-goers, I know there's gotta be a few in this crowd. Since we're scattered around the country, I thought I'd take a stab.

Interrobang Studios will be attending Wizard World Philadelphia.

Wizard World

We'll have 3 new books in addition to our 2 classics, a ton of art prints, handmade Spinks, and studio artist Kevin Bolk on site to take commissions. We'll be in artist alley, booth 33A--if you're in the neighborhood, it would be awesome to meet you.

We'll be hitting 4 or 5 of the major east coast Comics & Anime cons this year: Wizard World Philly, AnimeUSA, SmallPress Expo, and Baltimore Comic Con. (Otakon pending). What's your con season look like?

(Psst. If you know of any awesome-must-see artists attending any of these, please share the love. I'm gonna come out from behind the table at some point to hunt goodies.)
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Hello, It's nice to meet you all.

I've been involved in Interrobang Studios since 2005. I write, ink & color various ongoing comic strips--our site has run anywhere from five to three ongoing concurrent strips since it launched.

Interrobang Studios serves as the central hub for all our studios' comics, games, and projects. We have 3 active strips, each with multiple updates during the week at various (marked) ratings. We also have archives for earlier projects. We're constantly adding new side projects: printed comic books, additional games in our arcades, online mini-comics, etc. You can visit the main page and see it all or hit the individual comics directly:

I'm My Own Mascot:
A black & white autobiographical comic about our main artist, Kevin Bolk. All of us tend to show up in it, as do gold pants.

It's an all-ages appropriate strip about happy little fat things with tiny feet. It updates 3 times a week and has no dialogue--only onomatopoeia.

The Last Mystical Legend of the Fantastic Fantasy Trigger Star:
An epic quest--with BOOBIES! (And mature themes). It updates 2 times a week on Tuesdays & Fridays and follows a rather disreputable hero through a dubious quest of more-or-less honor.

Pot Luck Comics:
An archived mish-mash of parody and original strips that were too funny to skip, but not themed enough for any of our other stips. You'll find everything from Zelda to blind kittens in here.

A Girl Named Bob
Our archive of all Bob's assaults on the working world. As a bitter and imaginative bank teller, Bob pilots her air raid-style flights of fancy with maniacal glee.

Punker Darren:
This archive contains mature themes--mostly violence. Punker Darren won't take your sh*t. His bat and his kick-ass compatriot, Skinhead Fred, pound the living snot out of racists, bigots, hypocrites, and Hot Topic franchises.

We're slated to appear at Wizard World Philly, have arranged Project Wonderful web-advertising, programed the first of many browser based games, and put out 2 (soon to be 5 at the end of the next two weeks) print comic books.

Of course, I would be deeply grateful if you would check it out: Interrobang Studios and look for us at Wizard World Philly (should you be in the area).

A second purpose for the this post-- who ELSE is doing this? Who else is holding down two jobs or even three to launch THEIR Webcomic dreams? Who's got an art career? Who's writing books? Who's setting up their own business or their own future while going to school? While working full-time? While raising a family? While being a care-taker for a family member?

Tell me about it. Please. This is the most important and most exhausting goal I've ever set for my life-- It's the hardest damn thing ever, just b/c it's gotta happen every. single. day. I wanna hear what you're going through. I wanna cheer you on. I wanna know I'm not alone and these kinds of things do work out for people.
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Skin Deep, by Kory Bingaman, kicks off with Michelle starting college and trying to make friends. When she picks up and dons an ugly medallion she sees someone drop on the ground, she's catapulted into a world where mythical creatures, angels, and demons-- often disguised as humans-- live in and next to the "normal" world. Michelle finds that she's not only not human, but she's apparently the last of her race and someone is gunning for her. As she freaks out over falling deeper and deeper into freakyville, her new college friends (who are all apparently creatures of mythology) try to help her come to terms with who and what she is, and what she can do.

Bingaman dips into a large number of pantheons and mythologies, and Judeo Christian Angels rub shoulders with Native American trickster gods. Dropped as we are into the middle of things, it's very obvious that her characters existed before the story starts; they have personalities and history and motivations of their own that are larger than the existing story. The writing is very strong, the characters unique and interesting, and the art is not just good but improving as the comic continues.

Although the comic doesn't have that large an archive, the current storyline is a very good introduction to the world if you don't have time to devote to an involved archive crawl.
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So, it's been a LONG time since I did a webcomic. When I did mine before, I used KeenSpace (...back when it was still called KeenSpace) to host my comics-- as much for the general promotion and attention as for the hosting itself.

I've been working on a new comic lately and I'm trying to decide what the best hosting plan is. I'm plenty familiar with hosting websites in general, so I don't need help with that; I just want advice on whether I should just host it myself, host it through someone, etc.

All advice greatly appreciated.
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Michael J Patrick has launched himself a for-reals webcomic called Tarnation. Like a lot of folks (*cough*me*cough*) he was working on something previously that got bogged down in revisions and "let me just fix this one thing"s and never really took off. Sadly. However, he's plugging away steadily at "Tarnation," lucky for us all.

The gist of "Tarnation" seems to be that a troupe of traveling musicians, uh, travels. And has antics. They have a fancy wagon that they live in, that seems to have a basement? And their leader guy is a centaur?

It's only just begun, but it updates regularly on Fridays in color. The world building looks really interesting so far, what little we've seen of it, and the characters have a very obvious history together and each has a distinct personality (and character design). MJP also has a good ear for dialogue, and writes conversation the way people actually talk.

Since this comic is so new, it's a good time to get in on the ground floor before the archives are massive and impenetrable, and enjoy the adventure as it unfolds.
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It seems a little silly to call a comic on the internet, with a world wide following, “top secret.” But "Dar: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary” by Erika Moen, is at its heart very personal and very much a diary. Moen talks, in her strip, about sexuality and gender, about coming out as a lesbian and later about her confusion of being attracted to and falling in love with a man, about breaking up and making up with lovers, about her family, about her dreams, about her goals, about her quirks and habits and mental illness. And also about her really horrible flatulence.

One might expect something so personal to fall into the realm of navel gazing, but there’s something universal about Moen’s diary comic. Everybody wonders about themselves, everyone falls in love, everyone has quirks, and everyone farts. “Dar” is a slice of life comic, specific enough to have a very solid and definite personality, but general enough to be accessible. Moen writes about herself and the people in her life, and in doing so, she writes about the human condition. Also, she’s a really great artist and her comic is very stylized and fun.

Check this comic out. It’s personal and universal all at once, and is pretty kick ass as well.

This comic is often not safe for work, as it discusses human sexuality and has nudity fairly often.
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