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I bring comic kickstarters to you, each for a comic that I enjoy! Each one is already fully funded, and ready for you getting swag from it, even if it's just a nice digital version of the comic. And even if you don't want to get anything, maybe it will bring you some new reading. Every single one of these comics is Bechdel friendly, containing multiple strong lead female characters interacting with each other, if that is something that floats your boat.

Ava's Demon -- Kickstarter (not quite two days left)

I actually found out about Ava's Demon from its Kickstarter and devoured it as fast as possible. The art is color rich and luminous--simply fantastic. The pace is good, the science fiction setting interesting, the characters distinct.

If it reaches $200k, then updates go to twice a week--and at the time of me writing, it's at $184k.

Digger -- Kickstarter (13 days left)

Digger, by Ursula Vernon, is a fantasy graphic novel posted online and complete. This Kickstarter is for printing an omnibus edition that contains the entire novel. The art is a well executive black and white reminiscent of block cut art. I find the main character quite charming and love the world.

Vattu -- Kickstarter (10 days left)

Vattu is by Evan Dahm, who is also the author of Rice Boy (and in the upcoming Sleep of Reason anthology). The art is expressive, the world complex, the narrative multi-layered.
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